Gulls and Sanderlings

It was a beautiful and quiet Chinese New Year day at Boundary Bay. While the massive numbers of waterfowl were gone, spotted 14 bald eagles in the trees and on the sandbars. What really caught my eye was all of the glaucous-winged gulls dropping cockles and clams onto the rocks in order the break them open. It was very fun to watch this behaviour.

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Glaucous-winged gull ready to drop cockle Glaucous-winged gull & cockle

Sanderlings were abundant, actively foraging along the shoreline, weaving back and forth in small flocks. Some reaped the benefits of the efforts of the gulls, by pecking away of some of the remains left behind in the broken cockle and clam shells. These little birds are always great to watch and very challenging to photograph.

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Sanderling foraging on discarded clam Sanderling walking along shore

Sanderling searching for food Sanderling foraging