Mount Rainier Nationl Park

Hello friends, while it has been a busy summer, I was able to make a brief trip to Mount Rainer National Park in Washington State. Mount Rainer itself is the highest mountain in Washington State and in the Cascade Mountain Range at 14,411 feet (4,392 m). It is a stratovolcano, and while an active volcano, it has not erupted since the mid-1800’s. Being the focal point of the park, it is surrounded by alpine meadows, old growth forest, waterfalls, and over 25 glaciers. A great park to visit!

Click photo for larger image:

Mount Rainier overall view Mount Rainier summit

Mount Rainier alpine meadows Mount Rainier glaciers Nisqually River falls

Top of Carter Falls, Nisqually River Alpine meadow

Black-tailed deer fawn Black-tailed deer doe and fawn